Gregorian Chant Resources


Gregorian Chant Resources

Whether you are just learning about liturgical chant or have studied it for years, Aquinas and More has resources for you!

Learning About and Understanding Chant

Gregorian chant is the ancient music that served as reverent liturgical music for centuries in the Catholic Church. However, after the 1960s, chant largely faded from use. In recent years the popularity of chant has risen and it is now being used in more and more parishes. However, chant is very different from other forms of music and, as such, takes time and study to approach and understand.

For this reason, Aquinas and More is pleased to carry many introductory chant books to help you learn about this beautiful, reverent form of music. Some great resources with which to start include Chant Made Simple, An Overview of Gregorian Chant, Beginning Studies in Gregorian Chant, and A Beginners Guide to Reading Gregorian Chant Notation. For active learning, the Square Notes Gregorian Chant Workbook is a great resource; it clarifies the fundamentals of chant and includes exercises for the reader such as fill in the blank, identifying notes, writing notation, drawing rhythmic waves, and more.

Parish Resources and Chant Resources for Mass

If you are a parish choir leader looking for resources, we have what you need. The Parish Book of Chant is a newly published resource specifically designed to encourage and enhance sacred music in the parish setting. It contains the Order of Mass for both the Ordinary form and the Extraordinary form, chants, and a tutorial on singing chant. Some other options for the parish include the Adoremus Hymnal for choirs (and the accompanying Organist and Congregation editions), the St. Gregory Hymnal, and the Traditional Roman Hymnal. Parishioners may also be interested in the Gregorian Missal for Sundays. For more liturgical music books, click here.

Chant CDs

If you are interested in chant CDs to listen to at prayer time in the home, before or after group Scripture study, or to help familiarize yourself, your choir, or students with chant, click here to view our wide selection of chant CDs. Aquinas and More carries both Eastern and Western chant CDs and also has selections for a variety of Church seasons and special topics, such as Chant for Christmas, Chants for Easter, and much more. View all our Chant CD products here.

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