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In the early 1900's, Mexico enacted laws aimed at destroying the influence of the Catholic Church and for all intents and purposes to remove it from the country:

  • Religious weren't allowed to wear clerical garb or habits outside of Church property. 
  • Church property was seized by the government.
  • Any religious who criticized the government could be fined, imprisoned or executed.
  • All foreign-born religious were expelled from the country, or, as in the case of Father Cristobal, martyred.
  • Religious couldn't vote.
  • All catechism in the schools was banned.
  • Names of places that had originally been obviously Catholic were edited to downplay the Catholic meaning (Vera Cruz became Veracruz).

After attempting petitions, peaceful marches and boycotts as ways to get the laws changed, various regions in Mexico rose up in rebellion. Over the next several years fighting between the government and the Cristeros took thousands of lives and many clergy were martyred. Most famous among the martyrs was Blessed Miguel Pro, a Catholic priest executed by a firing squad without a trial. My family actually has a connection with this heroic priest.

This weekend a new movie, For Greater Glory, was released in the theaters. Our staff went and saw it on Saturday night and I wrote a review on our blog. Personally, I recommend that you see it.

If you haven't heard about the history of the Church in Mexico, it's time to do some reading:

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