Your Grieving Child: Answers To Questions On Death And Dying


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Why Did Grandpa Die?
Death is a part of life. It's the end of life on earth. Some people die when they're very young, and some die when they are very old. Sometimes a person's body just wears out after….
Someone said, "God took him." Why would God be so mean?
God isn't mean, but it can feel that way when someone we love dies. It can be hard to remember that all of us were made to spend just a little time on earth and then all eternity….
Do pets go to heaven?
Some people love animals so much they can't imagine a happy place without them. We know heaven is the happiest place ever, and we know God wants us to be happy so….
Your Grieving Child is designed to help you answer your children's questions about death and dying. Its goal is to assist them—and you—through the difficult time your family is facing.

More than that, Your Grieving Child also offers you a better idea of what your child might like to ask but hasn't been able to put into words. For teens and older children, you may just want to give them the book and allow them the opportunity to examine it alone.

Your Grieving Child can bring comfort and hope to your grieving family.


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