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Porn help is available for Young Catholic Men! Learn how to get rid of porn today. 

Every Young Christian man in our X-rated society faces the constant challenge to be sexually pure. The temptation from Internet pornography is only a mouse-click away. 

Pornography, like alcoholism, isn’t a problem that gets better with time if left untreated. A porn addiction has a corrosive effect upon one’s spiritual life and eventually affects one’s future marriage, children, and finances. Getting rid of a porn addiction and quitting porn for good is no easy task. 

There is help for getting rid of porn. The 12 steps outlined in Young Men Breaking Free will not only help you quit porn, but also prove to be useful in preventing an addiction to pornography.  Young Men Breaking Free will teach you how to give up porn, find accountability, look for accountability software, protect yourself against sexual addictions and sins, and how to prevent future problems that could destroy your marriage and family life. 

Young Men Breaking Free is a must read for all young men who desire sexual purity, need help getting rid of porn, or want to prevent a porn addiction.

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