You Can Understand the Bible


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You Can Understand the Bible
by Peter Kreeft


Catholics are often intimidated or overwhelmed by the sheer size and complexity of the Bible. But now popular author and teacher Peter Kreeft has written a clear road map of the Bible, focusing his keen insight and engaging wit on the core message of each book. Sparkling with intelligence and Kreeft's trademark humor, You Can Understand the Bible will transform dry study into spiritually satisfying adventures in God's Word.

Kreeft also provides practical guidance for praying the scriptures every day, allowing the reader to delve into the messages of scripture in a manner that will surprise, delight, and reward.



Author's Note

General Introduction to the Bible

Part One: The Old Testament

  1. Introduction to the Old Testament
  2. Begin at the Beginning: Genesis 1-2
  3. Our Free Fall into Sin: Genesis 3
  4. The Divine Rescue Operation: Genesis Continued
  5. God's “Liberation Theology”: Exodus
  6. God's Law, Israel's Wanderings, and Moses' Farewell: Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy
  7. From Conquest to Chaos: Joshua and Judges
  8. National Happiness from Personal Holiness: First and Second Samuel
  9. From Israel's Golden Age to Decline and Fall: First and Second Kings
  10. A Different Perspective on History: First and Second Chronicles
  11. God Brings His People Back to the Promised Land: Ezra and Nehemiah
  12. Biblical Heroines of Friendship and Courage: Ruth and Esther
  13. Job Confronts Life's Darkest Problem and Encounters God Himself
  14. Our Primary Prayer Book: The Psalms
  15. Our Road Map to Practical Wisdom: Proverbs
  16. The Question the Rest of the Bible Answers: Ecclesiastes
  17. The Great Love Story between God and the Soul: Song of Songs
  18. God's Big Mouths: The Prophets
  19. The Shakespeare of Prophecy Thunders with the Message of Salvation: Isaiah
  20. The Only Alternative to Disaster: Jeremiah and Lamentations
  21. Two Supernatural Visionaries: Ezekiel and Daniel
  22. More Mouths of God: The Rest of the Prophets
  23. History, Wisdom, and Apocalyptic Visions: The Deuterocanonical Books and the Apocrypha

Part Two: The New Testament

  1. The Good News of Jesus Christ: Introduction to the Gospels
  2. The Gospel of the Kingdom: Matthew's Gospel
  3. Just the Facts: Mark's Gospel
  4. The Great Physician: Luke's Gospel
  5. The I AM Reveals Himself: John's Gospel
  6. The Gospel of the Holy Spirit: Acts
  7. The Church in Acts and the Church Today
  8. The Church's Treasure Trove of Wisdom: Introduction to the Epistles
  9. The First Systematic Christian Theology: Romans
  10. How a Christian is Different: First Corinthians
  11. A Different Christ Means No Christ: Second Corinthians
  12. Back to Basics: Galatians
  13. We Are Christ's Mystical Body: Ephesians
  14. Christ-Mindedness: Philipians
  15. Christ, the Fullness of God: Colossians
  16. How to Misunderstand the Second Coming: First and Second Thessalonians
  17. Letters to Paul's Helpers: First Timothy, Second Timothy, and Titus
  18. A Personal and Tender Letter to a Friend: Philemon
  19. Christ as Prophet, Priest, and King: Hebrews
  20. Doers of the Word: James





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