You Are Not Alone Note Card

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"You Are Not Alone" So many pregnancy center clients are in their current situation because they have a deep need of friendship. This card was created to offer those women hope. It speaks of a God who is real and cares about her, and it also lets her know of your own concern for her.

Text on the inside: 

Have you ever wondered who the artist is whose brush colors the sky with shades of red as the sun retires, and then proceeds to sprinkle the night with starry wonders? Or have you ever looked into a rose and noticed how perfectly designed it was? Who chose the delicate fabric to dress the petals and whose hand dabbled it with sweet perfume? Who is it that has even given your eyes their sight? Do you think that you are alive simply by a random act of nature? If you could just pause for a moment to reflect on all the wonders of creation around you, it might become evident that you are not alone. Another reason why you are not alone is because the people that are a part of this ministry care about you. We want you to know that you are always welcome here. We know what it is like to feel completely alone. We have found that in our deepest need the creator of this universe came to our rescue. The reason we desire to reach out and help others is because He has reached out in love to help us. If you would like to attend a local church or Bible study, please let us know. There are also books we can lend you. There is not a subject we enjoy talking about more than our great Savior and Lord Jesus Christ, so please do not be afraid to ask.