Worshipping a Hidden God: Unlocking the Secrets of the Interior Life


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“The ways of God are not our ways, and the spiritual life is almost the contrary of what we fancy it.”

So declares author Luis Martinez, the Mexican bishop and mystic whose wise spirituality, rooted in St. John of the Cross and St. Therese of Lisieux, shows you here how to enter into an intense, sustained communion with God.

Bishop Martinez doesn’t offer new rules of prayer or demand that you abandon the forms of meditation that suit you. He simply reminds you that our God is a hidden God.

To find Him, says Martinez, we have to seek Him, but through His ways, not ours. If we do that, the gaze of faith will always find Him right where He hides: in the spiritual desolation that led us wrongly to believe He was far away.

Martinez shows you how to live in the obscurity of faith, detached both from consolations and desolations, and why this is best for your soul. The Christian who learns to do this leaves behind the perturbations of the world that shake the faith of those who don’t.

In the obscurity of faith, the Divine Master will listen to you, speak to you, and instruct your soul, but without the noise of words.

Says Martinez: “Once you know how to profit from faith and to live by faith, you will always find God. You will have solved your problem; you will have discovered the great secret of the interior life.”

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