Women In Chant

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Already receiving national attention, this wonderful album of Gregorian Chant by the Benedictine Sisters of Regina Laudis Abbey (Bethlehem, CT) was digitally recorded in the Abbey's chapel. These 24 latin hymns celebrate the lives of the Virgin Mary and four Virgin Martyrs. Incudes Stabat Mater, Kyrie, Regina Caeli and more.

Track List:

1. Bells of Jesu Fili Mariae
2. (Saint Lucy) Orante Sancta Lucia
3. Jesu Corona Virginum
4. Columna Es Immobilis
5. Regem Virginum Dominum
6. Dilexisti
7. (Saint Agnes) Annulo Suo
8. Matins Lesson
9. Amo Christum
10. Ecce Quod Concupivi
11. Me Expectaverunt
12. Quinque Prudentes
13. (St. Cecilia) Valerianus
14. Adjuvabit Eam
15. Virgo Gloriosa
16. Confundantur
17. (St. Agatha) Benedico Te
18. Virginis Proles
19. Paganorum
20. Gaudeamus
21. (Our Lady of Sorrows) Stabat Mater
22. Nolite Me Considerare
23. Kyrie, Pater Noster, Collect – Blessing by the Abbess
24. Regina Caeli