The Wolf and the Shield: An Adventure with St. Patrick


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Kieran is braver and stronger than most eleven-year-old boys. And ever since his father's death, he's been doing his best to take care of his mother and little brother. In fifth-century Ireland, though, there aren't many options. When Kieran rescues a wolf pup and meets Saint Patrick, his choices become even more difficult.

Should he leave home to join Carrick's warriors? Will someone discover the wolf he's been hiding and kill it?

But the hardest question for Kieran to answer is the one Patrick had asked him on a moonlit night: What does your heart hunt for?

Join Kieran as he cares for an orphaned wolf pup and searches for a shield strong enough to protect everything-and everyone-he loves.

Filled with well-researched facts about the people, animals, and customs of fifth-century Ireland, The Wolf and the Shield is historical fiction for children ages 7 – 10. Exciting and fast-paced, this adventure novel explores what friendship with a saint might be like, showing Saint Patrick as approachable and understanding of the challenges of a young boy.

The Wolf and the Shield: An Adventure with Saint Patrick will stimulate young imaginations to realize that the saints are holy but also human and approachable, and they are always good friends.

Ideal for ages 7 – 10.

Features & Benefits:


  • Unique historical fiction that promotes a Catholic viewpoint
  • Fast-paced adventure story 
  • Excellent way to help children understand our relationship with the saints
  • Gives parents and caretakers a springboard for further catechesis on living holiness


About the Author:

Sherry Weaver Smith became Catholic after working alongside Salesian Sisters who were dedicated to helping homeless and working children in Manila, the Philippines. Married to Michael, Sherry wrote her first poems and children's fiction for her daughter, Laura. Her haiku collection, Land Shapes, has been published by Richer Resources Publications. Sherry has also worked in various product management and grant-writing positions for healthcare companies and nonprofit organizations. She received her bachelor's degree from Duke University in math and East Asian studies, and a master's in politics from the University of Oxford, England. The Wolf and the Shield is Sherry's first adventure with Pauline Kids.


As a classroom teacher, I am always looking for great books to read aloud to my fourth graders. I found one in “The Wolf and the Shield," written by author Sherry Weaver Smith. Throughout the duration of the book, my students were highly interested, engaged, and totally engrossed in the setting, events, and imagery of the story. Set in fifth-century Ireland, the book is a well-written historical fiction piece centering around a young boy named Kieran, his love for his wolf pup, Aisling, and his encounter with Saint Patrick. As we read the text together, we took note of the many themes that arose and encouraged conversation about important values such as forgiveness, peace, friendship, and holiness. Sherry Weaver Smith captured perfectly the essence of Saint Patrick and portrayed his life and impact on history accurately and beautifully. From the very beginning of the story, framed by the question, “What does your heart hunt for?” to the remarkable ending, the book captivates and appeals to readers of any age. We look forward to many more books in the "Friends with the Saints" series published by Pauline Books and Media.
Sylvia Buller

Sherry Weaver Smith has given us a delightful and inspirational story that will help any child understand how Jesus loves, guides and protects us. Using the shield as a metaphor she contrasts the physical protection provided by a warriors shield with the spiritual protection provided by the shield of prayer and faith. Set in 5th century Ireland, the story follows 11 year old Kieran whose father has been killed in battle with a rival clan. He keeps his fathers broken shield under his bed and longs to be a brave warrior with a sharp spear and a strong shield of his own. He excels at spear throwing and running and is a favorite of his clans chief warrior. But a chance encounter with the holy man Patrick leads him to find and care for an orphaned wolf pup, an experience that changes his heart and his life. Patrick asks Kieran what he is hunting for. Kieran says he is hunting a wolf, as a brave warrior should be. "But what does your heart hunt for?" asks Patrick. Patrick directs him to a place in the forest where he finds the orphaned pup, her mother just killed by clan hunters. As Kieran hides the pup Aisling, feeds her, and teaches her to hunt on her own. he comes to love her. He is her shield. She is what his heart has been hunting for. With the help of Patrick, his mother and his friend Ida, Kieran is able to understand how the love of Jesus shields him like he shields Aisling. Beautifully written, full of color, imagery and adventure, this book will enthrall young readers and their parents. Hats off to Pauline Books and Media for the Friends with the Saints series. We look forward to more encounters with the saints.
Greg and Linda Neuner

While my children were growing up, I was involved in the religious education program at our local parish for over 12 years. THE WOLF AND THE SHIELD would have be an excellent book to use to teach children the lifelong values of forgiveness and generosity as well as the importance of Saint Patrick and his work in Ireland’s history. This book is easy to read, nicely illustrated, and the cover is very appealing. Even though I no longer teach religion classes, I look forward to sharing this book, and the other books in this series, with my grandchildren. Connie Talbert Dugan retired Middle School Science teacher and school librarian
Connie Talbert Dugan

"I have worked with young people in Ireland as a teacher and in the field of conflict transformation for over 30 years, and thoroughly enjoyed The Wolf and the Shield. It reads at a good pace and the imagery is truly evocative and captures the celtic atmosphere in a powerful manner. There is an eerie, haunting feeling to the story and this invites the young reader to step into a world of mystery and intrigue."
Brian McKee

I just finished reading "The Wolf and the Shield" by Sherry Weaver Smith and found it difficult to put down. As a retired English/Language Arts teacher who spent over 12 years working with middle school age students, I believe this book would appeal to both boys and girls on several levels. Animal lovers would certainly enjoy the challenges of deciding what to do with a baby wolf. While girls could relate to a strong female like Ida who is not afraid to state her beliefs but still support her friends, Kieran is a good role model who has many questions about doing the right thing while recognizing his responsibilities to his family. For a first time author, Sherry has done an excellent job of writing an intriguing story while portraying Saint Patrick as a friend to all he meets. Rita Irwin Retired Teacher and Avid Reader Trimble, Ohio
Rita Irwin

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