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With Bound Hands: A Jesuit In Nazi Germany


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Mary Frances Coady


Alfred Delp was a proud German, a Jesuit priest, a Nazi resister, and a martyr. Executed by the Nazis in 1945 for crimes against the Third Reich, Delp left a legacy in letters written from his prison cell. This book tells Delp's life story through a compilation of correspondence with his friends and family. It reveals his struggle to maintain his faith in the face of imminent death.

During Delp's six-month incarceration prior to his execution, he writes of his fear, sadness, and anger, and then his transformation from an "unholy character into a saint." Delp then reflects on his love of God, sense of peace, and surrender. This book tells not only the story of a single brave resister, but offers insight into the courageous stand many people made against the Nazi regime.

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