Why You Can Trust the Gospels


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Every Christmas and Easter, the publishing industry comes out with a new, sensational story that claims to offer the “truth” about Jesus and the Gospels.

Every time, the claim is different, but the common theme is that you can’t trust the four Gospels as historical records of what Jesus said and did. The skeptical accounts raise questions like:

  • Did Jesus even exist?
  • Do the four Gospels tell us about his life and teachings?
  • Weren’t there lots of other gospels in the early Church?
  • Weren’t the Gospels written long after the fact?

The good news is that there are solid answers to each of these questions.

In his powerful presentation Why You Can Trust the Gospels, Jimmy Akin takes on the skeptics and refutes them point by point, covering issues like:

  • How ancient non-Christian sources show that Jesus really existed
  • How the non-canonical “gospels” inadvertently testify to the accuracy of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John
  • How we can show the Gospels were written much earlier than critics suppose
  • How even tiny details you’ve never noticed in the Gospels fit together to show that they are accurate reports of what Jesus said and did     

With the DVD Why You Can Trust the Gospels, you can sit down with your doubting friends and loved ones and show them why the Gospels are trustworthy—and thus why the Christian Faith has a solid basis.

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