Why Be Catholic?


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In our latest DVD, Why Be Catholic?, Tim Staples, one of our most popular speakers, offers an engaging and simple solution as he says: "Catholicism has the cure for what ails each of us."
Using an entertaining speaking style, backed up by logic and science, Tim leaves his audience with answers to our most fundamental questions.
In Why Be Catholic? Tim covers:
  • Scientific proofs for the existence of God;
  • Philosophical principles for proving the existence of God;
  • How God is revealed through his Church;
  • How all roads lead to Rome;
  • And why the Catholic Church is the one true Church.
  • This DVD makes a perfect gift or shared experience for those in need.
Tim Staples has spent his life studying the faith, both from outside the Catholic Church (as a Protestant minister) and from inside as a Catholic apologist and speaker.
Tim has done all the hard work for you. In Why Be Catholic? he presents a 90-minute, information-packed primer.
In his enlightening and approachable way Tim shows:
  • How science – including Einstein's theories and the Hubble Telescope have proven the existence of God
  • How everything in the universe can be tracked back to one single event
  • How Natural Law is written on the heart of everyone
  • How something as "simple" as a DNA cell is so complex that only God could have created it
  • Why man needs religion
  • Why we have an absolute obligation to give devotion to God
  • Why God is obliged to let us know who He is
  • How man has created religion out of a natural desire to know God
  • The number one Bible passage that every Catholic needs to memorize
  • How God has revealed himself to us through his Son Jesus Christ, and the apostles
  • How the Catholic Church is the culmination of God's revelation to man
  • The significance of God's authority given to Jesus and passed on to his Apostle's with Peter as the head
  • Why all other religions are not the "true" religion of God
  • How to refute Muslims who claim that the Gospels were corrupted
  • And more …


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