Where We Got the Bible: Our Debt to the Catholic Church


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Foreword by Karl Keating

  1. Some Errors Removed
  2. The Making of the Old Testament
  3. The Church Precedes the New Testament
  4. The Church Compiles the New Testament
  5. Deficiencies of the Protestant Bible
  6. The Originals and Their Disappearance
  7. Variations in Text Fatal to Protestant Theory
  8. Our Debt to the Monks
  9. Bible Reading in the Dark Ages
  10. Where Are All the Medieval Bibles
  11. Vernacular Scriptures before Wycliff
  12. Why Wycliff Was Condemned
  13. Tyndale's Condemnation Vindicated
  14. A Deluge of Erroneous Versions
  15. The Catholic's Bible
  16. Envoi

From the Kirk to the Catholic Church


Learn the origins of the Bible and trace the role of the Catholic Church in compiling, preserving, and revering the Bible throughout history.  If you love the written word of God, you owe it to yourself to read this book.

This edition also includes Graham's conversion story–a compelling account of how this Calvinist minister was drawn to the Catholic faith and eventually became a bishop.


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