When Faith Causes Family Friction: Dr. Ray Tackles the Tough Questions


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Do you ever feel like raising kids in the faith is a losing battle? Or maybe your spouse wishes you weren’t quite so religious. Concerns surrounding Christianity and faith can become touchy topics for today’s families.
With equal doses of sound spiritual wisdom and good psychological perspective, Dr. Ray addresses the most common issues, such as:
• Kids asking, “Why do we have to go to church when Dad doesn’t?”
• A spouse saying, “You’re no fun anymore since you found God.”
• Frustrated parents wondering, “How can we get our toddler to behave during Mass?”
Let Dr. Ray show you the guilt-free way to live your faith and share it peacefully with those you love.


Dr. Ray Guarendi is the father of ten, clinical psychologist, author, public speaker, and nationally syndicated radio and television host. His radio show, The Doctor Is In, can be heard weekdays on EWTN Radio and Sirius/XM satellite radio. Dr. Ray’s national television show, Living Right With Dr. Ray, is entering its fourth season. His many books include Winning the Discipline Debates and Fighting Mad.


“Being Catholic in an imperfect world comes with its own unique set of challenges. Whether you encounter rebellious teens, unsupportive extended family, mental illness, a contentious marriage, or other crises of faith, morality, and psychology, When Faith Causes Family Friction has just what you need. In his usual no-nonsense, practical, and humorous style, Dr. Ray Guarendi offers wisdom and insight from an authentically Catholic perspective and with the voice of experience. An easy, entertaining, and enlightening read for Catholics from all walks of life!” —Danielle Bean, publisher, Catholic Digest, and author, Momnipotent

“Dr. Ray Guarendi combines his keen intellect, his years of experience as a clinical psychologist, and his hands-on experience as a father of ten to create a book that is as wise as it is warm. When Faith Causes Family Friction is a must-read book for anyone who faces the daunting task of evangelizing to the toughest crowd of all: your own family.” —Jennifer Fulwiler, author, Something Other Than God

“Most Catholics have no problem practicing their faith…while they’re still in church. Once Mass is over, however, it gets much more challenging. In his book When Faith Causes Family Friction, Dr. Ray Guarendi addresses several of the most common difficulties that arise from living the Catholic faith at home, in the workplace, and in the real world. In a clear and succinct manner (with lots of humor thrown in), he tells us what we need to know in order to really live our faith 24/7. Highly recommended!” —Gary Zimak, speaker and author, Faith, Hope, and Clarity

“Dr. Ray has done it again! His list of snappy (but charitable) answers to rude questions is worth the price of the book. But there’s so much more.” —Mike Aquilina, author, Yours Is the Church

“Dr. Ray gives practical spiritual advice while answering tough questions concerning raising children in the faith. A true guidebook of responses and actions to help parents and grandparents persevere in love while maintaining and passing on truth.” —Julie Dortch Cragon, author, Amazing Graces: The Blessings of Sacramentals

“Who wouldn’t benefit from a healthy dose of Dr. Ray? His simple, straightforward insights are an antidote to the friction and the frazzle in our families. Clear, concrete guidance for the confused. Faithful, funny direction for the distraught. And just plain good advice for Catholic parents of all shapes and sizes. Thanks, Dr. Ray. I needed that!” —Gina Loehr, author Saint Francis, Pope Francis

“Do you get upset about faith related conflicts with your family and friends? Dr. Ray’s book is the best I’ve ever read about such problems. It is not only inspiring but also sensible and humorous. You will find surprising answers to questions you thought there were no answers for.” —Ronda Chervin, Ph.D., professor of philosophy at Holy Apostles College and Seminary

“This book is down to earth, practical, funny, and a breath of fresh air. Thanks Dr. Ray, from a father of nine!” —Chris Padgett, coauthor, Holy Marriage, Happy Marriage 

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