What's Wrong With The World


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What's Wrong with the World by G. K. Chesterton

Chesterton gives his remarkably perceptive analysis on social and moral issues more relevant today than even in his own time. In his light and humorous style, yet deadly serious and philosophical, he comments on feminism and true womanhood, errors in education, the importance of the child and other issues, using incisive arguments against the trendsetters' assaults against the family.

Chesterton possessed the genius to foresee the dangers if modernist proposals were implemented. He knew that lax moral standards would lead to the dehumanization of man, and in this book he staunchly defends the family, its constituent elements and character over against those ideas and institutions that would subvert it and thereby deliver man into the hands of the servile state. In addressing what is wrong, he also shows clearly what is right, sane and sensible and how to change things in that direction.

Table of Contents:

A Note on the Text

Part One: The Homelessness of Man
The Medical Mistake
Wanted, An Unpractical Man
The New Hypocrite
The Fear of the Past
The Unfinished Temple
The Enemies of Property
The Free Family
The Wildness of Domesticity
History of Hudge and Gudge
Oppression by Optimism
The Homelessness of Jones

Part Two: Imperialism, or the Mistake About Man
The Charm of Jingoism
Wisdom and the Weather
The Common Vision
The Insane Necessity

Part Three: Feminism, or the Mistake about Woman
The Unmilitary Suffragette
The Universal Stick
The Emancipation of Domesticity
The Romance of Thrift
The Coldness of Chloe
The Pedant and the Savage
The Modern Surrender of Woman
The Brand of the Fleur-de-lis
Sincerity and the Gallows
The Higher Anarchy
The Queen and the Suffragettes
The Modern Slave

Part Four: Education: or the Mistake about the Child
The Calvinism of To-day
The Tribal Terror
The Tricks of Environment
The Truth About Education
An Evil Cry
Authority the Unavoidable
The Humility of Mrs. Grundy
The Broken Rainbow
The Need for Narrowness
The Case for Public Schools
The School for Hypocrites
The Staleness of the New Schools
The Outlawed Patent
Folly and the Female Education

Part Five: The Home of Man
The Empire of the Insect
The Fallacy of the Umbrella Stand
The Dreadful Duty of Gudge
A Last Instance

Three Notes
On Female Suffrage
On Cleanliness in Education
On Peasant Proprietorship



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