What About Those Councils?


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The history of the founding of the Church up to the present time is a composite of saints and sinners, of triumphs and failures, of trial and error.  What About Those Councils points out some of the more and less important items of the Church’s twenty-one Councils from Nicaea (325) to Vatican II (1962).  You’ll find interesting facts and amusing anecdotes like:

  • How the early Christians made the sign of the cross
  • What happened to St. Nicholas during the Council of Nicaea
  • What was the only Council called on a note of charity and unity
  • Who was the shortest reigning Pope in history (It wasn’t John Paul I)
  • What Council the present day Church was largely fashioned after

Find the answers to these questions and many more in this fascinating overview of Church Councils.

George Twigg-Porter, S.J.

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