We'll Never Tell Them: A Novel


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        Kristjana flees twenty-first-century London in order to avoid a decision about her future. While attending a dying man in a Jerusalem hospital, she escapes into another woman’s past and discovers there the courage to embrace her own destiny.

        Through his vivid storytelling, Kristjana’s cancer patient Leo Hampton recounts his mother’s life—her upbringing in colonial Malta, her education in Edwardian England, and her service as a volunteer nurse during World War I.

        Captivated by the story of her life, Kristjana is pulled into the agonies and the ecstasies of Liljana Hampton, which almost seem more real to her than those of her own life. Through her vicarious experience of another woman’s personal history, Kristjana discovers the secret of fearlessly moving forward.

        With her passionate and colorful prose, award-winning author Fiorella De Maria seamlessly weaves back and forth between the past and the future. She realistically brings to life the cobbled streets of Old World Malta, the halls of an English boarding school, and the trenches of the Great War as she explores the age-old quest for some sense of security in a dangerous and uncertain world.

"Catholic writer De Maria deserves a wide audience."
– Publishers Weekly


• Beautiful literary writing and passionate prose by an acclaimed European novelist

• Combines the dramatic stories of a modern woman seeking security in a dangerous world with the inspirational life of a WWI nurse

• Vividly explores the life and events of Old World Malta, Edwardian England, and the trenches of the Great War

• A powerful story that involves mystery, adventure, suffering, faith, courage and redemption

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