The Way of Perfection: Teresa of Avila


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Teresa of Avila (1512-1582) is one of the world's most beloved mystics.  Her autobiography has enchanted millions of readers through her use of everyday language to describe her quest for union with God.

The Way of Perfection presents Teresa's approach to incorporating spirituality into everyday life.  Using earthy language, Teresa encourages spiritual seekers to engage in a life of prayer and contemplation.  In the first half of her book, Teresa speaks to the nuns in her order about the requirements necessary for a life of prayer-mutual love, detachment from self and the world, and humility.  In the second half of her book, Teresa meditates on individual sections of the Lord's Prayer, using the Our Father as a means of instructing us in the way of perfect prayer.

Teresa's luminous mystical classic is enlivened by her passion for an active life of prayer and her down-to-earth suggestions about ways to achieve it.  For centuries, readers of Teresa's work have been inspired to walk the way of perfection.

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