Understanding the Mass


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Fr. Charles Belmonte

The unusual front cover painting depicts what Catholics have always believed about the Mass:  that it is a transubstantiation of bread and wine into the body and blood of Jesus Christ.

In this Spanish painting from about 1475, the unknown artist presents a miracle which occurred as Pope St. Gregory the Great (540-604) consecrated the host during Mass.  At that moment, blood from the wounded side of Christ fills the chalice.  In the right background, a sacristan is about to ring a wheel of Mass bells signalling the moment of consecration.

This new edition of Understanding the Mass follows three editions since 1989.  The author, a co-editor of the Daily Roman Missal and a priest of the Opus Dei Prelature:

  • clearly details the various parts of the Mass and the impact of the Eucharist on daily life;
  • provides a suitable reference for study as well as the preparation of homilies and classes.
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