Two Tone 14K Cara Vaca Crucifix: 1 5/8


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Cara Vaca Crucifix
In Cara Vaca, Spain in 1231, a priest imprisoned during the Moor occupation was instructed by his captors to say Mass to satisfy their curiosity.  The priest began, but had to stop when he realized a crucifix-a required element-was not present.  The captors grew angry at the delay, but then, through an open window, a crucifix arrived: the Pectoral Crucifix of the Patriarch of Jerusalem, miraculously transported to the site by two angels.

This is a beautiful representation of the miracle at Cara Vaca.  Two angels on either side are carrying the crucifix, and the words, "Cara Vaca," are posted across the crucifix at the Corpus' knees.  The Corpus and "INRI" are made of white gold, and the rest is yellow gold.

This crucifix does not include a chain and comes in a blue velvet pouch.

Dimensions1 × 1.625 in