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Twin Scourges: Thoughts on Anti-Catholicism and Theological Liberalism: by Dave Armstrong


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I shall follow in this book the numbered structural format of the classic work by the French mathematician, physicist, and Catholic apologist Blaise Pascal, Pensees ("thoughts" – 1662). My intention is to highlight general and particular characteristics of these theological aberrations, in the manner of "sayings" – a literary technique used to great effect by our Lord Jesus Christ, St. Francis of Assisi, Confucius, and Socrates, among many others.

In so doing I hope to introduce readers to the basic, underlying tenets and the false, misleading "spirit" which are part and parcel of both anti-Catholicism and theological liberalism, by means of "ponderings" or "reflections" or "proverbs" (generalizations which express broad truths – not intended as applying in absolutely every instance); as opposed to an exhaustive treatise and refutation of persons and their arguments.

Table of Contents

Foreword (James Cardinal Gibbons)

I General Observations
II Martin Luther
III Is All Opposition to Catholicism "Anti-Catholicism"?
IV Protestantism is Christian and Catholicism is Not?
V The Gospel and Faith and Works
VI "Debates" and "Dialogues" with Anti-Catholics
VII Does the Term Anti-Catholic Involve a Double Standard?
VIII Towards a Psychology of Anti-Catholicism
IX Anti-Sacramentalism
X Heterodox Catholics and Liberal Protestants
XI Nominal, Ignorant, and Sinful Catholics
XII Practical Problems Due to the Modernist Crisis

Appendix One Martin Luther's Anti-Catholic Statements
Appendix Two G.K. Chesterton on Anti-Catholicism
Appendix Three John Henry Cardinal Newman on Anti-Catholicism
Appendix Four Use of the Term Anti-Catholicism in
Non-Catholic Scholarly Circles
Appendix Five John Henry Cardinal Newman on
Theological Liberalism
Appendix Six Catholic Encyclopedia (1913): Modernism