The Twelve: The Lives of the Apostles After Calvary


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How much do we really know about the lives of the Twelve Apostles? What did they do after Calvary? Where did they go?

Since the Twelve Apostles left no detailed information about themselves behind, how is it possible to gather information as to their fate? While you could search through dozens of sources and hundreds of books for information on these apostles, C. Bernard Ruffin has collected all the data in this comprehensive and engaging book. He weaves together Scripture, Tradition, and historical documents to re-create and outline the lives of each of Christ's closest followers.

"Responding to the challenge of re-creating the lives of the Twelve
apostles from the barest information, he has examined the best sources available and outlines the life of each of Christ's closest followers as thoroughly and completely as it is possible to do."
Peter F. Macaluso, Ph.D., The Cord

"His book is quite like having twelve biographies under one cover as he portrays a picture of each one, gathering information from such scholars and historians as Papias. Eusebius, lrenaeus, Clement of Alexandria, and St. John Chrysostom…. Dr. Ruffin puts together a rather remarkable and thorough story about each apostle, remarkable since [the Apostles] were primarily concerned about spreading the Gospel than information about themselves."
-Theology Today

About the Author
A well-known writer, C. Bernard Ruffin has authored several works for Our Sunday Visitor, including The Life of Brother Andre  an the bestselling book Padre Pio, Revised and Expanded.

 Table of Contents:

Simon bar Jonah: The little fisherman
"Upon this rock…"Andrew: Second fiddle?
The three Jamses and Jerusalem Christianity
John: The beloved thunderer
Philiip: The evangelist to the gentiles
Bartholomew: The Israelite without guile
Thomas: Apostle to the Orient
Matthew: The phantom apostle
Simon and Jude: Martyrs in Iran
Judas Iscariot: The man who was a devil
Matthias: The austere apostle
Conclusion: The importance of the twelve
Chapter notes
Chart of the apostles



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