Troparion of Saint Nicholas Prayer Card


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Troparion of Saint Nicholas Holy Card

This beautiful, laminated holy card is imported from Italy

On the reverse of the card is the troparion:

"The sincerity of your deeds
has revealed you to your people
as a teacher of moderation,
a model of faith,
and an example of virtue.
Therefore, you attained greatness through humility,
and wealth through poverty.
O Father and Archbishop Nicholas,
ask Christ to save our souls."

What is a troparion? Troparion (also tropar; plural troparia) is a type of hymn in Byzantine music, in the Orthodox Church, Eastern Catholic churches and other Eastern Christian churches. It is a short hymn of one stanza, or one of a series of stanzas; this may carry the further connotation of a hymn interpolated between psalm  verses.

The term most often refers to the apolytikion (or "dismissal hymn"), the thematic hymn which closes Vespers.

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