Treatise on the Spiritual Life


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By St. Vincent Ferrer

Any book written by a saint is a treasure, but a book written by one, who was hailed in his time as the “angel of the Apocalypse,” his Treatise consists of nineteen brief instructions on a variety of timeless spiritual topics, all but two of which are easily translatable to the lay apostles of today.

The reader will find especially relevant this great preacher’s remedies for getting rid of the devil, keeping him always at bay, and discerning true from false revelations. If you want to be a saint, do as Louis Bertrand did, and take to your heart and to your domestic hearth this handy and portable book, written by a thaumaturgus (wonder-worker) who raised over thirty dead people to life and who converted twenty-five thousand Jews, thousands of Mohammedans, and countless thousands of heretics and sinners of all kinds.

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Table of Contents

Chapter One: On Poverty    
Chapter Two:?On Silence    
Chapter Three: On Purity of Heart    
Chapter Four: Perfection Through the Help of a Director    
Chapter Five: On Obedience    
Chapter Six: On Regulating the Body    
Chapter Seven: Rules in Regard to Drink    
Chapter Eight: Rules to be Observed at Table    
Chapter Nine: Persevering in Sobriety and Abstinence    
Chapter Ten: Rules of Sleep, Watching, Study, and Choir.    
Chapter Eleven: On Preaching    
Chapter Twelve: Remedies Against Certain Spiritual Temptations    
Chapter Thirteen: Remedies Against False Revelations    
Chapter Fourteen: Motives to Excite us to Perfection     
Chapter Fifteen: Elucidation and Application of Motives    
Chapter Sixteen: How to Escape the Devil    
Chapter Seventeen: Dispositions in Regard to our Neighbor    
Chapter Eighteen: On Perfection    
Chapter Nineteen: Instruction on Various Subjects