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Think Hard Before You Let Go Note Card

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"Think Hard Before You Let Go" The decision to abort is often made by a woman in a state of panic. This popular card reminds her to ‘consider her heart’ and really think through all her options.

Text on the inside: 

A woman who finds herself in the midst of a crisis pregnancy often feels alone and afraid. It would be nice if she could turn back the hands of time and change the past but that is behind her now and the present is demanding she make a a hard choice. Will she keep holding on to that little life or is she going to let go? It is important that a woman in this situation is honest with herself. She often is afraid that if she gives this any thought, she might become attached and care too deeply for the child growing inside her; so she usually tries to suppress her feelings. Out of fear this woman will be inclined to make a quick decision that could cause her great grief or send her into a state of denial for the rest of her life. Take your time, consider your heart, and examine the options that are available to you.