The Way Of The Cross by Caryll Houselander


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Caryll Houselander


The timeless spiritual writings of Caryll Houselander are currently enjoying a well-deserved revival. The Way of the Cross, one her strongest works, is a glorious meditative journey in which readers are led to meet themselves through re-experiencing the Passion of Christ. Each of the 14 meditations, written in Houselander's inimitable, insightful style, concludes with an original prayer. This revised edition is enhanced by 14 of the author's own powerful line drawings.

Caryll Houselander concludes The Way of the Cross with these words: "We have nothing to fear. Christ has died each of our deaths for us. He will be with us all, saint and sinner alike, in our rising from the dead. "It is to each one of that He spoke on the night before he died, saying ‘Peace is my bequest to you, and the peace which I give you is mine to give; do not give peace as the world gives it. Do not let your heart be distressed, or play the coward' (John 14:27) "So be it. Come, Lord Jesus, come! ‘Into Your hands I commit my spirit.'"

Artist, woodcarver, prolific writer of books and periodical articles, teacher of disturbed children, counselor of the war-traumatized, Caryll Houselander enjoyed enormous success in the English-speaking publishing world in the 1940s and 1950s. During this period, she wrote The Reed of God, The Flowering Tree, The Passion of the Infant Christ, A Rocking Horse Catholic, The Risen Christ, and many others. Caryll's intense vision of the suffering Christ possibly puts her in the company of such mystics as Julian of Norwich and Catherine of Siena. Though a recluse in the tradition of Emily Dickinson, she was reported to have had a wonderful sense of humor and fasted with such thoroughness that she could have easily qualified as a Desert Mother.


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