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The One-Minute Apologist: Essential Catholic Replies to Over Sixty Common Protestant Claims: by Dave Armstrong


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In this work Armstrong seeks to show how Catholics can easily, decisively answer non-Catholic "garden-variety" objections to Catholicism. To do so, he has adopted a standard format (very vaguely reminiscent of St. Thomas Aquinas's Summa Theologica) throughout the entire book:

    1. Topics (in the form of possible objections to Catholic teaching) are stated in two lines in the title.
    2. Short and extensive replies to the objection.
    3. "A Protestant Might Further Object" and counter-reply.
    4. A relevant citation (often from a Protestant, such as Luther or C.S. Lewis).
    5. This is all done in no more than two pages for each topic.

Once again Catholics have happily been made aware of both the extraordinary riches of Holy Scripture itself and how compellingly its teachings harmonize with the Catholic faith.

The e-book version contains material that is not included in the paperback, such as source information for the citations. It also corrects some textual errors that occurred in the first edition.

Table of Contents

Common Protestant claims about:


The Bible is the only infallible source of theological truth
The Bible is clear, or "perspicuous," in all its broad teachings about salvation
The Catholic Church added illegitimate books to the Bible
We can know which books belong in the Bible simply by reading them
Catholics are taught not to read the Bible for themselves

The Church

The notion of bishops and a hierarchical Church is unbiblical
The Church is the invisible sum total of all true believers
Catholicism is a half-pagan religion, blending non-Christian beliefs and practices with the gospel
Miracles and the supernatural gifts ceased after the death of the Apostles
The Catholic Church believes it can damn people to hell by excommunication
The Church can contain only the holy and saved
Denominationalism is not condemned in Scripture
The Galileo incident proves that the Catholic Church isn't infallible

The Papacy

The Bible doesn't teach that the Church had one leader
Jesus didn't make Peter the leader of the Apostles
Peter himself is not the "rock" to which Jesus referred
Paul rebuked Peter
How can a mere man be infallible?
The case of Pope Honorius proves that popes are not infallible

The Priesthood

The Bible says we're all priests
Celibacy for priests is both unnatural and unbiblical
The Catholic Church's male-only priesthood is sexist

The Sacraments

The thief on the cross proves that sacraments are unnecessary
Holy Communion was meant to be a symbolic rite only
The Catholic Mass is an abomination in the sight of God
The Catholic Mass is a form of idolatry
It is wrong for Catholics not to allow everyone to receive Holy Communion
Baptism is merely a symbolic rite
Infants cannot be baptized because they're not able to choose Jesus
The Catholic Church teaches that a baby who dies unbaptized will go to hell
Confession to a priest is an unbiblical concept


Works play no part whatsoever in salvation
The Catholic system of "merit" is no different from works-salvation
True Christian believers cannot fall away from salvation
Justification is external and imputed, not internal or "infused"
There is no difference between "mortal" and "venial" sins
Original sin is not taught in the Bible
Eternal hellfire is not taught in the Bible
The Church teaches that all non-Catholics will go to hell
The Bible says nothing of a third state besides heaven and hell
Our sufferings have nothing to do with those of Jesus

Theology of God

God is not three-in-one, as in the irrational doctrine of the Trinity
The Holy Spirit is neither a person nor God
God could not have become a man
Jesus had to grow into the understanding that He was God

Mary and the Saints

Mary was not sinless throughout her whole life
Mary had other children besides Jesus
Calling Mary the "Mother of God" makes her greater than God
Mary could not have been "assumed" into heaven
Calling Mary the "Mediatrix" of graces makes her equal to Jesus
There's no reason for Christians to pray for the dead
Praying to saints is wrong
"Venerating" the saints through statues or icons is idolatry

Other Topics

Indulgences are a way for Catholics to buy salvation and "indulge" themselves in sin
Formal ritual worship is opposed to a vibrant spiritual life
The Rosary is "vain repetition"
Crucifixes prove that Catholics believe Jesus is not yet glorified in heaven
Catholic "sacramentals" and relics are unbiblical magic
Marriage is not absolutely indissoluble
"Annulments" are just the Catholic rationalization for divorce
The Catholic ban on contraception is an arbitrary, unbiblical restriction