The Imitation of the Sacred Heart of Jesus


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The Imitation of the Sacred Heart of Jesus – by Fr. Peter J. Arnoudt.

Recommended to us as even better than The Imitation of Christ, and we think it is! Written for everyone, and everyone should own it. In this book Jesus is speaking to the reader–through the author, of course–in short, easy-to-understand chapters that are filled with wisdom. Thereafter the student of the spiritual life–representing ourselves–speaks to Jesus. Renders a unique and powerful effect upon the soul!

This incredible though little-known classic of Catholic spirituality presents before the reader the entire school of true Christian holiness and the means and exercises necessary to attain sanctity. As no one shall enter Heaven who is not perfect, then if we wish to attain to that perfection which will gain us entrance to eternal happiness with The Blessed Trinity, with Jesus, with Our Lady, St. Joseph and all the Saints and Angels, we need to start in earnest and with a sure method to correct every aspect of our lives.






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