Stories About Saint John Paul iI: Told By His Close Friends and Collaborators


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        While shaping the history of the Church and the world, Pope John Paul II lived his daily life among individuals who knew him closely as a spiritual father, colleague or friend. Friends who helped him, served him and closely collaborated with him to change the world.

        Polish journalist Wlodzimierz Redzioch, for over 30 years an employee of the Vatican newspaper L’Osservatore Romano, interviewed almost two dozen of them for this book, from lifelong friends who first met the Pope in Krakow (as Karol Wojtyla), to his personal physician, personal secretary, papal photographer, papal spokesman, Polish bishops, recipients of miraculous cures, members of the papal household, and Curial officials, including the German Cardinal close to the Pope who became his successor, Joseph Ratzinger.

        They tell inspiring and remarkable stories about Wojty?a’s courageous witness as a bishop and professor of philosophy in Communist Poland, his participation in Vatican Council II, his election to the papacy, the challenges and worldwide travels of his pontificate, the sufferings of his final years, and even the process of his beatification and canonization.

        A composite portrait emerges of a man of heroic faith, love and deep prayer, a decisive leader who was capable of discussing, listening and delegating, a well-rounded human being with a gift for friendship, joy and humor with an awareness that seemingly insignificant moments are also part of our personal sanctification. He succeeded in changing the world because he deeply touched and changed the hearts of countless people everywhere.

        In this inspiring book you will discover many previously unpublished true stories and anecdotes, stories that will move you to know the great heart with which St. John Paul II loved God and humanity.


• Inspiring personal stories by close friends of St. John Paull II that reveal his heroic faith, courage and love

• Many stories previously unpublished that reveal powerful new insights about the life and papacy of John Paul II

• Stories told by friends from all walks of life and professions who had various personal connections with John Paul II

• Readers of these stories will also learn many interesting things about history, culture, the Church, modern heroes and saints

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