Stop Smoking Now - English: Reason Not to Smoke When You're Pregnant

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Hosted by Rob Reiner 

When you're pregnant, everything you eat, drink and breathe affects your health and your baby's health. So when you smoke, your baby does too. 

Quitting smoking is one of the most important things you can do for your baby. 

When you stop smoking, you: 

  • increase the amount of oxygen your baby will get; 
  • lower the risk that your baby will be born too early; and 
  • increase your chances of having a healthy baby. 

No matter how long you have been smoking, quitting smoking also benefits your health, gives you more energy, and lets you feel good about what you've done for yourself and your baby. 

This video provides support, guidance and information about resources to help you resist the urge to smoke. We hope that you will watch this video and sct on it, because there's never been a better time – or a better reason — to stop smoking. 


~ School Library Journal