Still Point: Loss, Longing, and Our Search for God


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Still Point
Loss, Longing, and Our Search for God
Regis Martin

Franciscan University professor, popular speaker, and pro-life author Regis Martin tells how the deaths of his mother and brother pushed him to revisit all he knew and felt about God and his own deepest desires – and how he came to reconcile the theology he teaches with the lived experience of faith.

Renowned Catholi theologian Regis Martin narrates the crisis of faith he faced when his mother and brother died.  Against this backdrop he explores the questions at the heart of all human longing: What does it mean to really be lost?  What if God doesn't want us after all?  What does Christ's cry from the cross asy about human suffering?  Why is it never hopeless to hope?  Drawing on insights from the work of Christian writers such as C.S. Lewis, Gerard Manley Hopkins, G.K. Chesterton, and St. Therese of Lisieux, Martin leads readers to the "still point" -a term borrowed from T.S. Eliot's Four Quartets – where all polarities converge.  Martin eloquently shows that it is at the still point that one encounters the mingling of past and future, grit and grace, man and God.

"Regis Martin is a sage for our time.  Here he offers us wisdom for confronting the greatest mysteris of life, which are suffering and death.  Along with profound insights, you will find encouragement and hope, coming from the God of mercy through the cross of hrist." –Scott Hahn, author of Reasons to Believe



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