The Stigmatist


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The Stigmatist is a novel of religious mysticism and international intrigue. At the outset, American pilgrims at an apparition site in Spain are caught up in frightening visions of how they stand with God — a warning calling them to amend their ways. Fr. Anthony Santorelli, an American priest sent by the Vatican to investigate, returns with a message for the Pope which foreshadows the spread of the "warning" visions, and a series of dire events. To authenticate his role as a messenger and prophet, the priest is mystically marked with bloody stigmata in his hands, feet and side, replicating the five wounds of Christ on the Cross.

Fr. Santorelli persuades the Pope to endorse the visions as sent by God to provide a time of grace for repentance, and they spread inexorably from country to country, among Christians and Jews. The Pope's approval of the warning visions provokes European Union bureaucrats, who have long resented the Holy See's resistance to their secular agenda, and its efforts to preserve the "Christian identity" of Europe. They turn the force of EU sanctions against the tiny nation-state.

High level clerics in the Vatican who have been disturbed by the visions seize on the EU's action as an excuse to attempt to remove the Pope. And deadly opposition comes from the head of Iran's Revolutionary Guards, who regards the Roman Catholic Church as the main opponent of the spread of Islam over the centuries. He persuades himself that the Church is responsible for sending the visions and that the Vatican must be destroyed before it can generate visions that proselytize Muslims. One terrorist plot leads to another, and conflicts spin out of control in a number of countries.

The Stigmatist is the story of Fr. Santorelli's very human struggle to accept and fulfill his painful mystical calling while he is being drawn by God into Vatican plots, international intrigues, terrorist acts, and nuclear war.


About the Author

HURD BARUCH received degrees from Hamilton College, Yale Law School and Columbia University Graduate School of Business, and was elected to membership in Phi Beta Kappa, Delta Sigma Rho, the Order of the Coif and Beta Gamma Sigma. He practiced law for more than forty years, in the fields of corporate and securities law and litigation, with particular emphasis on investigating corporate wrongdoing in this country and abroad. He served as an official in the Office of the Secretary of Defense (1962-1964), and at the Securities and Exchange Commission (1969-1972). He has authored Wall Street: Security Risk (Washington: Acropolis Books 1971; Baltimore: Penguin Books 1972), a book about the near collapse of the brokerage industry at that time, and Light on Light: Illuminations of the Gospel of Jesus Christ from the Mystical Visions of the Venerable Anne Catherine Emmerich (Maxkol Communications 2004), a book summarizing and commenting on the detailed visions of the daily life of Christ by a stigmatic German nun, who has since been beatified. He is a frequent contributor of articles and book reviews for the New Oxford Review. Mr. Baruch lives in retirement with his wife, Mary Ellen, in Tucson, where he writes and is active in church and civic activities.

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