St. Michael Bangle Bracelet

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This elegant sterling silver St. Michael bangle bracelet combines timeless style with modern charm. You’ll want a collection of these featuring all of your favorite saints. St. Michael is represented on a sterling silver electroplated, double wire bangle.

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Sterling silver electroplated double wire bangle bracelet featuring a St. Michael heirloom medallion imaged from an original antique European medallion. The bracelet measures 7 ½”  with a pinch clasp.  The medallion is sterling silver electroplated.

Saint Michael has four main responsibilities, which we know from Scripture and Christian tradition: to combat Satan; to escort the faithful to Heaven at their hour of death; to be a champion of all Christians and the Church itself; and to call men from life on Earth to their heavenly judgment.

Dimensions 7.5 in
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Silver plated





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