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St. Christopher & Our Lady of the Road Medal Clasp - Bronze

This bronze recast of a vintage medal depicts St. Christopher carrying the Infant Jesus on the front and Our Lady of the Road on the reverse. The Blessed Virgin is shown hurrying along using a walking stick and carrying the Infant Jesus as her gown and mantle swirl in the breeze. Hang it from a bronze chain or clip it to a backpack, purse, or anywhere you would like a sacramental to serve as a reminder of our rich Catholic heritage and traditions. Comes in a charming gift box.

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  • Medal: St. Christopher and Our Lady of the Road recast from vintage medal
  • Clasp: Antiqued gold-plated brass
  • Medal Length: 1 inch
  • Total Length: 1 1/2 inches
  • Gift boxed

The story of St. Christopher: He offered to help travelers across a dangerous river where frequent drownings occurred. One day, a child approached St. Christopher by the river and asked to be helped across. St. Christopher carried the child on his shoulders, but when he reached the middle of the river, it rose and the child became extremely heavy. Only by great exertion was St. Christopher able to safely deliver the child to the other side. When St. Christopher asked the child why he was so heavy, the child explained that He was the Christ and when St. Christopher carried Him, he also carried the weight of the whole world on his shoulders. The child then vanished. St. Christopher is referred to as the “Christ Bearer” because he is depicted carrying Christ in most paintings and statues. He is the patron saint of travelers and children, and his feast day is July 25.