The Spirituality of the Christian East: Volume 1: A Systematic Handbook


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By Fr. Tomas Spidlík S.J.; Translated by Anthony P. Gythiel

Professor-emeritus of the Pontifical Oriental Institute at Rome, Fr. Tomas Spidlík dedicated his scholarly life to studying and teaching the theology and spirituality of the Christian East in the hope of reconciling Eastern and Western Christian traditions. In this encyclopaedic overview of Eastern spiritual teaching he has created a bridge by which Western Christians may pass over centuries of misunderstanding and obliviousness.

This book is a Cistercian publication.

". . . a gold mine of data concerning Eastern Christian spirituality."
-Anglican Theological Review
"Christian libraries should have a copy of this book, and it ought to be readily accessible to anyone who writes or teaches in the areas of Christian spirituality of mysticism."
-Spiritual Life
". . . a good introduction to Eastern Christian theology . . ."
". . . a mine of information and a very handy tool for professors, students, preachers—any soul earnestly seeking union with God."
". . . well suited to be studied prayerfully by all Christians, not least of all by those concerned for the wholeness of Christian thought."
-Monastic Studies
". . . a work to be studied and cherished."
"Simply indispensible."
-8th Day Books

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