Sign Of Contradiction: Good Friday And Beyond


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On April 8, 1977, a record crowd of over 6,000 worshippers came to St. Agnes Catholic Church in New York City to attend the Good Friday Service given by Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen. This was the very same church where, 50 years before, Sheen delivered his first three-hour Good Friday Service as a young priest. Now the church was filled to capacity, along with the school cafeteria, gymnasium and classrooms. Finally, NY Police had to shut down traffic on 43rd and 44th streets to protect the faithful who crowded the sidewalks outside the church, where loudspeakers carried the inspired words of the beloved prelate. The TV networks broadcast the Archbishop's remarks on the evening news and the enlightening event made the front page of the New York Times. This was truly Archbishop Sheen's finest hour.

At long last this historic presentation is again available to the Catholic faithful. Digitally re-mastered and combined with six more newly re-mastered talks on five CDs (or audio tapes) the powerful, soul-changing presentations on Sign of Contradictions: Good Friday and Beyond are the highest quality audio recording of Archbishop Sheen's inspirational genius availble today. But it is the message these tapes convey that makes this series essential listening for every faithful Catholic. Hearing his profound and prophetic revelations, you'll experience the drama and intensity, the winsome humor and the unshakable devotion to the truth that made Bishop Sheen the "greatest preacher of the 20th Century."

Topics Include:

  • Palm Sunday
  • Last Supper And The Agony
  • The Holy Sacrifice Of The Mass
  • The Lord Asks For An Hour
  • Christ Before The Courts
  • The Crucifixion
  • The Meaning Of The Resurrection
  • What God Has Done For Us
  • The Holy Eucharist And The Gospels
  • And Much More!

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