The Shroud Of Turin: A Case For Authenticity


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Fr. Vittorio Guerrera

The Shroud of Turin has been the object of awe and controversy for many centuries. Popes, princes and peasants have traveled far and wide to pray before this mysterious image of a crucified man, believed by many to be Jesus of Nazareth. Although the Roman Catholic Church (the owner of the Shroud) has never officially declared the cloth to be the authentic burial linen of Jesus Christ, she has permitted its veneration by the Faithful.

In 1988, when scientists using radiocarbon testing announced that the Shroud had a medieval origin, the media quickly embraced this dating as conclusive. Many scientists, however, maintained that years of scientific studies pointing to its authenticity – conducted by experts in medicine, optical physics, radiography, chemistry, photography and other disciplines – could not be so easily dismissed. Moreover, they pointed out that the scientifict irregularities of the 1988 test and the highly fallible nature of radiocarbon dating itself.

Today, interest in the Shroud is stronger than ever. Here Fr. Guerrera puts before the reader both the historical background and the most current scientific findings on the Shroud, showing the great preponderance of evidence that the Shroud of Turin is indeed the burial cloth of Jesus Christ.

Includes 32 color photographs and illustrations.

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