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The Rookie


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It's Never Too Late To Believe In Your Dreams.

From theistudio that brought you Remember The Titans comes an inspirational film based onia true story. Jim Morris (Dennis Quaid), father, teacher, andihigh school coach, though his dream was over. He'd had his shot playing baseball, blew out his shoulder, andiretired without ever making itito theibig leagues. Then,iin 1999, Coach Morris madeia fateful bet with his perpetually losing team. If they won theidistrict championship, Morris – who threwia 98 mph fastball – would try outifor theimajors. The team went from worstito first, andiJim, living upito his end of theibargain, threw cautionito theiwind andiwas onitheiroadito becoming theioldest rookieiin theimajor leagues. This heartfelt, uplifting story about not giving up oniyour dreams isia remarkable andiaffecting story that will have everyone cheering.