Roman Ritual Volume 1: Sacraments and Processions


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Volume I (The Sacraments and Processions) contains the complete rites for 6 of the 7 sacraments and the traditional prayers and rubrics for the various kinds of processions that fall under divine worship. Though the rite for consecrating a bishop is absent (this is found only in the Pontificale Romnaum), however, since in special cases a priest can administer Confirmation, the Ritual does include that rite as it is ordered to this extraordinary ministration. Reprinted from the original 1948 edition.


I was dismayed at the prohibition of the old missal, since nothing of the sort had ever happened in the entire history of the liturgy. The impression was given that what has happened was quite normal. — Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, Milestones -Memoirs 1927-1977

As Prefect of the Congregation the Doctrine and the Faith, our Holy Father Benedict XVI had this to say and many other critical comments concerning the liturgy of the new Mass that issued in the wake of Vatican II under pretext of an alleged conciliar “reform” of the Roman Rite. In his Preface to Msgr. Klaus Gamber’s The Reforms of the Roman Liturgy, Its Problems and Background, then Cardinal Ratzinger judged the new Mass to be a “fabricated liturgy” and, more critically still, “a banal on-the-spot product”. Many more negative commentaries on the new liturgy, alarming commentaries, were registered by the Church’s principal theologian in two of his own books, God and the World and The Spirit of the Liturgy. In the former work, he wrote: “For fostering a true consciousness in liturgical matters, it is also important that the proscription against the form of the liturgy in valid use up to 1970 should be lifted. Anyone who nowadays advocates the continuing existence of this liturgy or takes part in it is treated like a leper; all tolerance ends here.” Without belaboring so sublime a theme as ritual catholicity (divine tradition and worship), let it be also noted that, in several pages of his latter book on the Liturgy, our present Pontiff left the liberal liturgical “experts” no leg to stand on in his strident rebuttals of their dishonest contention that the ancient Church offered the Mass facing the people. “Never,” in the East or West, was this ever the case, he argued. Loreto Publications is more than hopefully optimistic that Benedict XVI will do everything he can to foster a complete restoration of not only the Latin language in liturgical worship, but the traditional Roman Ritual as well. Oremus pro hoc. In anticipation of this true “reform” we are now offering our retailers the first in a three volume reproduction of the entire traditional Roman Ritual with the Latin orations and the literal English translation side by side.

Volume one of this indispensable liturgical manual includes the complete liturgical formulas for six of the seven sacraments and their ritual rubrics (in red print), followed by the traditional prayers and rubrics governing the proper ceremony to be observed in the various kinds of religious processions that fall under divine worship. Being that this Ritual is for priestly administrations, the ceremony for the consecration of a bishop is not included. In special cases a priest can administer Confirmation, therefore the Ritual does include that rite as it is ordered to this special ministration. Volumes two and three of the Rituale provide the formulas and rubrics for all other liturgical rites, including Catholic burials, exorcisms, and official blessings, both ordinary and reserved.

1950 Imprimatur

Contents include:

  • Author's Foreward
  • By Way of Introduction: THE HOLY SACRAMENTS
  • Decree Approving the Vatican Edition of the Roman Ritual
  • Apostolic Constitution of Pope Paul V on Roman Ritual
  • General Rules for the Administration of Sacraments
  • Baptism
  • Blessing of Baptismal Font
  • Confirmation
  • Holy Eucharist
  • Penance
  • Last Annointing
  • Seven Penitential Psalms and Litany of Saints
  • Ministration to the Sick and Dying
  • Matrimony
  • Processions
  • Appendix
    • Reception of Converts and Profession of Faith
    • Allocutions to Bridal Couple
    • Mixed Marriage
    • Silver or Golden Wedding
  • Index Generalis Alphabeticus
  • English Index

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