Reveille for the Soul: Prayers for Military Life


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Reveille for the Soul: Prayers for Military Life – edited by Marge Fenelon


Finally, a book of military prayers written by those serving in our armed forces. Reveille for the Soul provides support and solace for those serving their country, as well as those who served before them.


Divided into four sections, Reveille for the Soul contains:


Prayers for those in transition — accepting diversity in the military, first base, training, leadership and promotion.


Prayers for those at home — family in the military, non-accompanied tours, preparing for the unexpected, loneliness, missing family milestones, and more…


Prayers for comrades in arms — for all those in the service, who have fallen, or left, and those who will serve in the future.


Prayers forever — in and out of uniform, life after the military, soldier for life, and a prayer for peace.


Perfect for every soldier, placed in the breast pocket for that time of need, but it is also for you and me.

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