The Retrial of Joan of Arc: The Evidence for Her Vindication


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This book is the first English language book about the retrial of Joan of Arc: and clearly the best, based firmly on the testimonies given at the retrial. Written by the renowned French historian, Regine Pernoud, it uses extensive excerpts from the people who actually knew Joan, bringing to life this great woman and her powerful story.


The whole tremendous and fascinating historical story is told here by her childhood playmates and relatives, her royal and noble friends, her confessor, her valet, her squires and heralds, and her fellow soldiers.

Included also are excerpts from some of her enemies: their presence here lends even a more powerful authenticity to her story than if we had only heard from her friends and supporters.

As we follow Pernoud through her remarkably clear, detailed tracing of this history told by living tongues, weaving the testimonies together, we begin to share with her the experience of those men who were making the investigation of Joan. Pernoud’s method is direct and knowledgeable, and dedicated to the discovery and presentation of the mystical truth.

Regine Pernoud, a renowned French archivist and historian, was among the great medievalists of our time, and the success of her books has helped to bring the Middle Ages closer to us. She was the conservator of the Museum of Rheims, and then of the National Archives and eventually she became the director of the Jeanne d'Arc Center at Orleans. She is the author of the popular historical works Those Terrible Middle Ages! and The Crusaders.


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