Rebuilding Your Message: Practical Tools to Strengthen Your Preaching and Teaching


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Michael White and Tom Corcoran sparked a firestorm in 2013 with their first book,Rebuilt, the story of how they brought their parish back to life. In Rebuilding Your Message, the award-winning authors now share their carefully honed communication practices to help priests, staff, volunteers, and parishioners better proclaim the irresistible and life-changing Gospel of Jesus Christ at every level.

A parish doesn’t just communicate its mission from the pulpit. Teaching and preaching also happen in classes and small groups, in bulletins, on the church website and social media, and through volunteers who welcome visitors through its doors. In Rebuilding Your Message, Michael White and Tom Corcoran—authors of the bestselling booksRebuilt and Tools for Rebuilding—share dozens of strategies to help Catholic parishes establish and sustain excellent communications.

White and Corcoran believe that every parishioner should be engaged in communicating the Good News of Jesus Christ. The authors push Catholics beyond the status quo with practical help for creating a welcoming church, practicing homilies, and preparing lessons, as well as more complex strategies such as developing a message series that connects all forms of communication to both the liturgical year and the seasons of the local community.

Features & Benefits:

  • Rebuilt and its sequel, Tools for Rebuilding, have together sold more than 100,000 copies.
  • Award-winning authors have the support and praise of Cardinals Dolan of New York, O'Malley of Boston, and other Church leaders across a wide spectrum of Catholic life for their work.
  • White and Corcoran keep an intense speaking schedule that has taken them to more than forty US cities and six foreign countries since the release of Rebuilt in February 2013. 
  • The Rebuilt podcast and share their stories and tips.


"Every parish leader and engaged Catholic should read this book."

"Not only preachers and teachers but every parish leader and engaged Catholic should read this book. White and Corcoran show us how to communicate so that outsiders feel welcome, insiders grow as disciples, and the Good News of Jesus Christ is unmistakably heard. Here are more great tools for the New Evangelization!"

Most Rev. Thomas Wenski
Archbishop of Miami

"Read this book, absorb it, and take control of your message!"

"Communication is everything and everything is communication. I wish I had read this book eighteen years ago as I was starting out in parish ministry. Read this book, absorb it, and take control of your message!"

Rev. James Mallon
Author of Divine Renovation

"What impresses me most is the eminent practicality of this book."

"What impresses me most is the eminent practicality of this book. White and Corcoran consider the ministry of the Word from every angle and remind us of facets of this ministry that are often overlooked. If every preacher and teacher took the crafting of their messages as intentionally as they do, the Catholic Church would be a far better place."

Ann M. Garrido
Associate Professor of Homiletics at Aquinas Institute of Theology
Author of Redeeming Administration

"Refreshingly realistic and profoundly encouraging."

"Once again, White and Corcoran have knocked the ball out of the park with a practical, earthbound book that takes us to the heart of the matter—speaking the Gospel in ways that it can be heard clearly today. Their gift for putting into words what lies on the tip of the tongue for so many in ministry today makes this book refreshingly realistic and profoundly encouraging."

Claire Henning
Executive Director of Parish Catalyst

"I've met few who match the creativity and insight of Fr. Michael White and Tom Corcoran about parish ministry."

"In my fifty years of priesthood, I've met few who match the creativity and insight of Fr. Michael White and Tom Corcoran about parish ministry. Theirs is an exciting path to watch and by which we can all come to recognize that Christ is alive and with us in our midst. He is in our communities—alleluia!"

Msgr. Lloyd Torgerson
Pastor of Saint Monica Catholic Community
Santa Monica, CA

"These are two wickedly talented guys who the Church needs more of!"

"White and Corcoran are at it again! Thanks be to God! Wisely convinced that what the Church does not need any more of is mediocrity in parish life, they use their creative, innovative style to make the Gospel of Jesus accessible to the people of God. If you’re passionate about finding new ways of messaging and thus building the Kingdom of God in your parish, then this is a must-read. These are two wickedly talented guys who the Church needs more of!"

Rev. Tom Hurley
Pastor of Old St. Patrick's Church
Chicago, IL

"A clear vision and practical strategies."

"We are the Church’ is a conviction that has shaped the religious imagination of so many Catholics today. Rebuilding Your Message offers a clear vision and practical strategies for realizing that hope. Focused here on preaching and teaching, White and Corcoran address priests, deacons, staff, volunteers, and parishioners and once again give us a book to inspire, equip, and engage our leaders."

Zeni V. Fox
Professor of Pastoral Theology
Seton Hall University

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