RCIA Overview Chart: 2nd Edition


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RCIA Overview Chart, 2nd Edition

This color-coded, foldout overview chart shows the entire Catechumenal process at a glance, highlighting the liturgical, catechetical, and pastoral aspects of each stage for optimal comprehension. It is an easy-to-use reference tool ideal for training RCIA teams.

What People are Saying about ACM Products:

"It is like coming into an oasis after several years of delivering too experiential a course that infantilized the Faith. I cannot tell you the joy of having a tool like this to help us deliver the riches of the Truth."
– Michael Hughes, Birmingham, England

"Thank you for these phenomenal resources. We are building RCIA from the ground up at our parish and the books are invaluable. God bless your work!"
– Kathy Coughlin, St. Bernard-St. Hedwig Parish, Thorp, WI