The Rapture Trap: A Catholic Response to


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You hear it everywhere these days: the claim that Jesus Christ is coming back to earth not once, but twice. He’s coming in secret to “"rapture” Christians from the earth – enabling them to escape the terrible tribulations prophesied in the Bible for the earth’s last days.


"A good explanation of dispensationalism and the end times. A must read for anyone interested in this topic." – Norman R.

"Dr. Thigpen does a notable job of showing that as Catholics we belong to a Church inoculated by the Holy Spirit against such errors by the immunization of the teaching Magisterium. While books may abound, written on a variety of subjects, basing their conclusions on the books of Sacred Scripture, Dr. Thigpen masterfully shows that there is only one authority having the right to interpret Scripture. Hence, the Magisterium stands as the sure foundation for Biblical studies and the backbone of Church teaching. He assures his readers that there is danger in standing outside of the Church’s infallible Teaching. He cites many true-life examples of those who followed some charismatic leader and believed falsehoods about the end-times. He directs much attention to the consequences inherent in following any private revelation, including those surrounding apparitions, even Marian apparitions, rather than the Tradition of the Church. How many people, even in the last century and a half, have sold everything based on hopes that led only to uncovering their disillusionment?" – Anonymous

"Written by an ex-fundamentalist minister and Rapture-believer, Catholic convert Paul Thigpen has produced a definitive rebuttal of the Rapture craze that has swept America over the past few decades. Thigpen very systematically dismantles the theory, exposing its 19th century origins, its un-Scriptural premises, and its pernicious effect on Christians and society." – J. Michael

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