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The question and answer format is the most popular way of providing specific answers to specific quetions about Catholicism. Father John A. Hardon, using the material from his best-selling “Catholic Catechism,” has put together a book of over 1,700 questions and answers to provide the modern Catholic with easy access to the issues of the Catholic faith. 
“The Question and Answer Catholic Catechism” is divided into three parts: 
1. Christian Belief — a study of the articles of faith as presented in the Apostles’ Creed
2. Living in the Christian Faith — an examination of the Ten Commandments, the Beatitudes and the Commandments of the Church
3. Sources of the Christian Life — a consideration of grace, the Sacraments, prayer, the liturgy 
Keeping in mind that a good catechism must speak to the hearts of the faithful and answer their questions in clear, understandable language, “The Question and Answer Catholic Catechism” presents the modern Catholic with the essentials of the Catholic faith in a manner that is easy to use and spiritually sound. 

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