The Prophet of Carmel: The Life and Mission of the Prophet Elias


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Garnering his material from the last two of the four Books of Kings, Father Charles Garside, M.A., paints a portrait of a thundering visionary, who lights up the Old Testament perhaps more brilliantly than any other Biblical figure. A man of prayer and solitude, celibate and chaste, he moved courageously with every heavenly summons, never failing, never daunted. So much a contemplative and a teacher of eternal truth that, even though his initial mark on history falls in the Old Dispensation, he is nevertheless justly claimed as "the founder" of the Carmelite order. Taken by God, who came to seize him in a whirlwind, he was assumed into the heavens by way of a fiery chariot, and placed in the Garden of Eden from whence he shall come in the last days to do battle with the Antichrist.

Chapter One- The King and the Prophet
Chapter Two – The Drought
Chapter Three – Sarephta
Chapter Four – Mourning and Joy
Chapter Five – The Message of Mercy
Chapter Six – Troubling Israel
Chapter Seven – Necessary Antagonism
Chapter Eight – Carmel
Chapter Nine – The Torrent of Cison
Chapter Ten – Watching for Rain
Chapter Eleven – Fear and Flight
Chapter Twelve – The Vision at Horeb
Chapter Thirteen – Breaking of the Clouds
Chapter Fourteen – The Prophet’s Mantle
Chapter Fifteen – The Coveted Vineyard
Chapter Sixteen – The Iniquitous Plot
Chapter Seventeen – The Unexpected Meeting
Chapter Eighteen – The Man of God
Chapter Nineteen – The Parting and Ascension