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Pronunciation Guide for the Lectionary Booklet


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Pronunciation Guide for the Lectionary: A Comprehensive Resource for Proclaimers of the Word
Compiled by Michael R. Prendergast, Susan E. Myers, and Timothy M. Milinovich

This portable booklet is a simple resource that lectors and Gospel readers may use to easily find the correct pronunciations for difficult and sometimes challenging words found in the Lectionary readings for Sundays, weekdays, and ritual and votive Masses
    The words are arranged alphabetically and phonetic symbols are provided to help the user sound out the word. The pronunciations are based on the American Standard Dictionary.  An explanation of the phonetic symbols is found in the pastoral introduction.
    This guide should be used by lectors and Gospel readers to prepare effectively for their ministerial roles during the Liturgy of the Word.  It may also be used as a reference tool.
    Keep on hand in the sacristy as well as in the rectory or parish library.  Give a copy to all who proclaim the word of God: lectors, psalmists, deacons, and priests.

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