The Promise: God's Purpose and Plan for When Life Hurts


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The Promise: God's Purpose and Plan for When LIfe Hurts by Fr. Jonathan Morris.

Fr. Morris, a Roman Catholic priest and Fox News analyst, draws from his religious tradition as well as his experiences in the world of media to present understandable and genuine advice for those who suffer—in other words, everyone. The promise of the title is God's promise to bring something better out of suffering. For some, this may oversimplify the matter, but for others it will provide a glimmer of hope. One of the most useful chapters addresses the various images of God that people hold—all of which are incomplete, and some of which can be seen as spiritually harmful. The author describes these images accurately, ties them in with how people who maintain those images view suffering and uses real-life examples he has encountered in his ministry. The theodicy question (why does a loving God allow suffering?) will always present a quandary to believers of all stripes. Morris is successful in making the claim that it is possible to sustain one's faith in the midst of what is sometimes a cruel world. – from Publisher's Weekly


“Father Jonathan has allowed the reader entrance into his private study where he welcomes and converses with us on a personal yet riveting journey. His spiritual insight is profound!” (Sharon Deitrick, President of The Halo Foundation )

“The Promise will be for the book world what The Passion was for film–a watershed moment of inspired creativity capable of transforming lives from the inside out. Don’t believe me? Ask my wife, she read it too and is already passing it on to family and friends.” (Steve McEveety, producer of Mel Gibson's "The Passion of the Christ )

“A persuasive invitation to a fuller life.” (Rev. Richard John Neuhaus, Editor in Chief, First Things )

“…Pope John Paul II spoke often and eloquently about the meaning of suffering. Father Morris has written a wonderful sequel to the Holy Father’s thoughts, but from a very different perspective: that of a young priest; a man of energy, insight, world experience and engaging popular style.” (Charles J. Chaput, O.F.M. Cap., Archbishop of Denver )

“Easy to understand, with stories that everybody can identify with, The Promise left me with a better understanding of God’s way, when life hurts. I’ve already given a copy to someone who is suffering a personal challenge…” (Steve Doocy, Author of The Mr & Mrs Happy Handbook, and host of FOX & Friends, FOX News Channel )

“With true compassion Father Jonathan Morris tackles a reality we will all confront sooner or later. His specific advice shows all of us how to turn tragedy and pain into spiritual gifts that can actually heal us in unexpected ways. Here’s a Promise worth keeping, and sharing with others.” (Raymond Arroyo, Author of the New York Times Bestseller, Mother Angelica )

“The Promise is a must read for those experiencing life’s difficult trials. Clearly, Father Jonathan is fast establishing himself as one of the most respected religious figures of our times.” (Chris Wyatt, Founder and CEO of GodTube )

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