Problems With The Book Of Mormon: Single

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In these "latter days," there are few people who haven’t been visited at least once by Mormon missionaries.

At some point in your doorstep dialogue, these earnest young men will ask you to accept a copy of the Book of Mormon, read it, and pray about it, asking the Lord to "send the Holy Ghost to witness that it is true." Then, very solemnly, they’ll "testify" to you that they know the Book of Mormon is true, that it’s God’s inspired word, and that it contains the "fullness of the everlasting gospel."

They’ll assure you that if you read their text in a spirit of prayerful inquiry, you, too, will receive the testimony of the Holy Ghost. That testimony supposedly will convince you beyond doubt that theBook of Mormon is exactly what they claim it to be.

The Book of Mormon fails on three main counts.

First, it utterly lacks historical or archaeological support, and there is an overwhelming body of empirical evidence that refutes it.
Second, the Book of Mormon contains none of the key Mormon doctrines.
Third, the Book of Mormon abounds in textual errors, factual errors, and outright plagiarisms from other works.
This tract takes a more in-depth look at the Book of Mormon and the problems found within it's pages.

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