Hayes and Finch Prinknash Abbey Incense Cathedral Blend


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Experience the heavenly scent of some of the world’s finest incense from one of the great abbeys of Europe!

The Cathedral Blend, in a one pound box.

The presence of incense has been evident within the church since the middle of the fourth century. It is made from resinous gums, which are blended with a combination of spices and perfumes, sourced from around the world. The blending of the gums, spices and perfumes is a specialist art form that has been perfected by the Benedictine monks of Prinknash Abbey over the last 100 years, and its production and sales assists the monks to financially support the monastery. The popularity of Prinknash Abbey incense has seen the demand for the product stretch further and further a field,  and today the 5 blends, including Abbey, Sanctuary,  Basilica, Priory and Cathedral can well be found in many churches throughout the world.

So, what does this incense smell like you might ask? Well, our resident scent expert describes the Cathedral Blend this way:

” This incense starts with an intense lemon & honey aroma, mellowing to a sweet incense smell with a hint of savory spices and cinnamon.”

About Prinknash Abbey:  For nearly nine hundred years the land known as Prinknash Park has been associated with Benedictine monks. In 1096 the Giffard family, who had come to England with William the Conqueror, made a gift of the land to Serlo, Abbot of St. Peter’s, Gloucester. A large part of the present building was constructed during the abbacy of William Parker, last Abbot of Gloucester, around the year 1520.

It remained in the Abbey hands until the Dissolution of the monasteries in 1539 when it was rented from the Crown by Sir Anthony Kingston who was to provide forty deer, anually, for Henry VIII, who used the House as a hunting lodge.

Prinknash Park contined to be used as a home for the gentry and nobility of Gloucestershire during the next few centuries and each generation left its mark upon the property.

On 1st. August 1928 a Deed of Covenant was made out by 20th. Earl of Rothes, the grandson of Mr. Thomas Dyer Edwards whose wish it was that Prinknash should be given to the Benedictine monks of Caldey Island. These monks had converted to the Catholic faith in 1913 and were led by Aelred Carlyle, later to become a famous Abbot.

Caldey Island was eventually sold to the Cistercian monks and on October 26th. 1928 six Benedictine monks arrived from Caldey Island to convert the house at Prinknash into a monastery. The rest soon followed and after some years of poverty they managed to purchase all the land around the house to make Prinknash as it is today.

From those early days the Community continued to grow. At the beginning there were 25 monks. They are spread over three monasteries, a foundation being made at Farnborough in May 1947, and in Pluscarden in Scotland later that year.

In 1939 a Foundation stone for a new Abbey was laid at Prinknash by Cardinal Hinsley, but the 2nd. World War intervened, building plans later became impracticable and new ones were eventually drawn up by Mr. F. G. Broadbent. The monks moved into the new Abbey in 1972 and the old Abbey was converted into a retreat and conference centre after being re-roofed and furnished.


Based on recipes developed by the monks these three blends (Abbey, Cathedral and Sanctuary) of pure frankincense and natural oils each have their own distinctive fragrance and aromas. Decades of care in the blending of these incences have ensured their excellence and constant demand.